Baptism – also called Christening, is the means by which one becomes a member of the Christian Church. Children are baptized on the basis that parents and godparents make the commitments of membership on the child’s behalf. For that reason, godparents should themselves be baptized. It is good to confirm this before asking someone who might then be disappointed.

Baptism can take place during the regular Sunday service or at a time following the Sunday service by arrangement with the Priest-in-Charge.

If you are seeking baptism for your child, or an adult seeking baptism, you need to contact the Priest-in-Charge to discuss arrangements.

A Marriage solemnized by the church, indicates that the couple are seeking God’s blessing on their life together.

In order to be married according to the Rites of the Anglican Church of Australia, one member of the couple should be baptized.

To arrange a marriage, contact the Parish Priest to make a booking. The Priest will make an appointment with you to discuss the legal requirements and preparation for marriage.

If you would like to arrange for a funeral, please advise the funeral director who will make the necessary arrangements with the Priest-in-Charge.

For more information on the ministry of Baptism or Marriage, please contact the Parish Office on 0405 649 470 Ph: or via email