Pentecost 10

Sunday Sermon 18.08.19 The Right Reverend Cameron Venables

Two weeks ago I had the great joy of preaching to The Glennie School community as they celebrated their Founder’s Day Service. The school is named after Archdeacon Benjamin Glennie who pioneered Anglican ministry on the Darling Downs one hundred and fifty years ago. I particularly think of Archdeacon Glennie when I sit quietly in St Mark’s, Warwick, and watch the stained glass filtered light putting colours on old sandstone. It’s a lovely place to pray, and I find it reassuring somehow to know that Archdeacon Glennie prayed in the same place many years ago…..

Pentecost 9

Sunday Sermon 11.08.19 The Right Reverend Cameron Venables

There are many different ways of reading Biblical writing, and one approach I find particularly helpful is to read through a passage a couple of times and see if there is a phrase or some words that particularly resonate. Sometimes this happens quickly, and other times I have to sit with it for a while. Then it’s good to do some background reading to get a reasonable sense of when it was written, who it was written by, and who it was written for. With that background new insight is gleaned about the phrases and words that originally resonated. There is some sense of what the passage might have meant to its original audience, and a growing sense of what it might mean for me, and the community of faith that I’m seeking to teach…..

Pentecost 8

Sunday Sermon 04.08.19 The Right Reverend Cameron Venables

Rachael Flynn is an Australian artist who lives on a sheep and cattle property near Mudgee, in New South Wales. She is the creator of Red Tractor Designs which produce thoughtful images on cards, tea towels, plates and mugs. I’m a great fan of her work and appreciate the quotes that she uses to enhance each art work. I recently bought a card which portrayed a man sitting under a tree reading a book, and the quote beside him is attributed to the Roman lawyer and philosopher, Marcus Cicero…….

Pentecost 7

Sunday Sermon 28.07.19 The Right Reverend Cameron Venables

In God’s grace the last week has repeatedly found focus in the Lord’s Prayer! For at a Confirmation service in Mitchell last Sunday there were people present from different countries, so I invited the congregation to pray the Lord’s Prayer in their first language. So one person prayed in Spanish, another in German, several in Chinese, and the rest of us in English – and quite wonderfully we all reached ‘Amen’ at the same time! This was a reminder to me that multi-cultural Australia is a reality in many parts of the bush, as well as the city! But, also a reminder that the Lord’s Prayer is often the first prayer we learn as children no matter where we are in the world………..