Pentecost 18

Sunday Sermon 13.10.19 The Right Reverend Cameron Venables

When I first went to Papua New Guinea in 1986 I was based at the Franciscan friary just outside Popondetta. It was a very dynamic community to be part of with clear ministries of evangelism to young people, and care of those on the margins of society. In the hostel we would host women and children escaping situations of domestic violence. Often the brothers would give shelter to those families for weeks, while giving counsel to the men who were violent. There were some very moving reconciliations, with the men being held accountable for their actions by the Franciscans, and by their extended family………..

Pentecost 17

Sunday Sermon 06.10.19 The Right Reverend Cameron Venables

Every Monday morning in my last Parish I met together with the clergy team and wardens for discussion, planning, and prayer. We’d always finish with the Monday Morning Office which concludes with an affirmation based on two of the verses in this week’s Epistle reading, “God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline. May we rekindle the gift of God within us.” As the ministry team affirmed this each week it became very significant, but which part of the affirmation spoke most strongly depended on what we were travelling with in life and ministry that week………..

Pentecost 16

Sunday Sermon 29.09.19 The Right Reverend Cameron Venables

It was the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers last weekend and there was much to see and do as visitors came from far and wide to visit gardens, listen to music, and share food together. In the midst of all the good memories from those days I was particularly struck by what I think of as a ‘Kingdom characteristic’ in two of the Anglican Parishes that I spent time with..……..

Pentecost 15

Sunday Sermon 22.09.19 The Right Reverend Cameron Venables

Each week we bring ourselves on a Sunday to worship, and many things have happened in our life, or in the life of the world, since we were last there! In some ways these things partly shape what we bring to God as we sing and pray, listen to readings from the Bible, and – if there is opportunity – break bread with others. So, as you look back over the last seven days – what are some of the things that have been happening for you?……….