Palm Sunday – 05-04-20 The Right Reverend Cameron Venables

Palm Sunday – 05-04-20 – The Revd. Steve McMahon

Liturgies for home worship The Revd. Steve McMahon

Lent 5 29-03-20 The Reverend Steve McMahon

As we continue to spend time in isolation while doctors look for a means to deal with the Coronavirus, we might ask ourselves why isn’t God doing something about it? Why isn’t a cure for this dealy disease being presented to us on a plate? It’s when we look at the account of Jesus raising Lazarus that we can begin to get a glimpse of a solution to that age-old dilemma……

Fifth Sunday in Lent

Sermon 29-03-20 The Right Reverend Cameron Venables

My Welsh Granny was a short lady with a big heart. Her old stone sink was so low that I was more comfortable kneeling to do the dishes, but to reach the top shelf of her pantry, (filled with home-made jams and chutneys)… even I needed a stool! Through the years I observed that Gran had a simple strategy whenever she encountered a crisis. Whether it was a family emergency caused by illness or car accident, friends experiencing relationship issues, or community members struggling with unemployment… my Granny would put the kettle on and make a pot of tea! To this day I find comfort and warmth from the familiar sound of a kettle whistling on a stove………